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The Story

This is true story about one of rock ‘n rolls’ most extreme badass rock bands to ever rock the planet. The band was formed by 4 young inmates at the Kentucky State Penitentiary (KSP), the most maximum security prison in Kentucky, located in Eddyville, KY, also known as “The Castle on the Cumberland”.   Their music was loud and hard with lyrics capturing the true essence of prison life, society and their love for rock 'n roll.  This band was named appropriately, RISK, and started as the dream of 3 inmates who had little or no musical experience.  They were self-taught musicians with no experience playing in a band, but they had a heart and soul full of music to get out.  The missing piece was a bass player.  After a failed escape attempt, the trio learned of a bass player who had just been transferred to the prison.  Together, RISK was now ready to rock and they rocked for 24 months straight. The new genre of Prison Rock was born. Take a look at the HISTORY page for the complete story of RISK.


Totally isolated from society, RISK became prolific song writers, composing and arranging over 100 songs in that 24 month period during the early eighties. The music of RISK never saw the light of day outside the prison... until now.  Fortunately, they were able to record some of their music before they were released. Even though the recordings were made on primitive cassette recording equipment, the live recordings capture the true energy and drive RISK exhibited in their music.  


As each band member was released at a different time and moved to a different location, including one member changing his name, they completely lost touch with each other for 33 years.  Until late 2016, when social media enabled them to find each other and plan a reunion.  Fortunately, the bass player saved all the cassette tapes of their recordings and the original lyrics and now RISK has reunited to play and record their original music and to share their music and their story with the world.

Take a listen to the early music, and if you like, please purchase and download our new albums as all donations will go toward the fund for future recordings. Enjoy and thanks for rocking with RISK!


       !!!Download RISK Music Today!!!

Dexter - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Danny - Guitar, Vocals
Joe - Bass, Vocals
J.Wayne - Drums, Vocals
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